INCUBARTE, International festival of Independent Art

 width=-incubarte-international-festival-of-independent-artThe 21 of June @ 19pm the 5th version of the INCUBARTE begins!

INCUBARTE in Valencia is an international Festival of Independent Art which unifies plastic- with visual art. They just create a link between different types oft art and culture like painting, sculpture, instalations, photography and video-arts.

It’s an amazing meeting point of several artists representing their newest works in a nice and cheery ambience, free for sure and open for everyone who wants to see what art can do…

Come and enjoy the original – inimitable, innovative and creative atmosphere of ART!

21. – 23.6. 2012 in MUVIM – Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad

alt="INCUBARTE, International festival of Independent Art"-incubarte-international-festival-of-independent-art
INCUBARTE, International festival of Independent Art

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