My internship at AIP Language School of Valencia

Oceanografic in Valencia

I have to say that my internship at AIP Language School of Valencia is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I decided to join the European project Leonardo after my graduation in March, because I wanted to get involved and because, after years of study, I had a strong desire to work, to be integrated in a serious, medium size company.
Right from the start, they welcomed me with kindness, respect and trust, which made me feel part of the school´s team. The young atmosphere encouraged me a lot, I worked with several departments of the institute, so that I could learn a lot about the progress and management of a company. First, I worked with marketing issues and administrative matters, at the reception, also reviewed the website and blog of AIP Language School, translating them in several languages. However, later, I have dealt with a task which was more related to my style and my studies: I was in charge of the weekly schedule of extracurricular activities and I have mainly discussed with foreign students, students of the school. All together went in the afternoons and participated to several trips in the small towns near Valencia … For me, they were unique and unforgettable days !

Working in a language school, fulfills your days and makes your job not being boring or a routine. Everyone knows that people are different, but having the desire of doing something, you can go far. I personally recommend to all kids of the same age as me to leave out of their own country to enjoy a unique and human experience of work, which enriches people’s lives forever. Also, if a person has a cheerful and open personality, values a lot, the desire to learn and the will, it´s impossible not choose the AIP school from Valencia as the venue of your practice!

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