One more reason to study Spanish in Valencia: Las Fallas

Fallas with tanks on the street

If you are interested in learning Spanish language and culture and you also like celebrating popular festivals, do not hesitate! Come to Valencia, the city of paella by definition and of “Las Fallas“, a festival of international interest which takes its name from the artistic constructions made ​​of combustible materials, such as cardboard and wood.

This festival goes from the 1st to the 19th of March, in honor of St. Joseph, the patron of carpenters. The culmination of the festivities, however, takes place in the last week and especially from the15th to the 19th of March.

alt=“Las Fallas”-las-fallas
“Las Fallas”
alt= “Las Fallas”-las-fallas

So, you will learn Spanish and at the same time you will live an unforgettable experience because, thanks to this traditional festival, the city is transformed, the rhythms change and the streets and squares are magically populated by beautiful artistic constructions, which compete to grab the title of “the most beautiful statue”. It is important to know that these statues represent celebrities or politicians of Valencia, which are set on fire during the last night, moment known as la Cremà, so this festival has a satirical and symbolic meaning.

In the end, what makes Las Fallas particular and original is “la Mascletà”, which is  fireworks exploding in a certain pattern, every afternoon at two o’clock in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the main square. Thousands of colors are raised to the sky, making the atmosphere magical and joyful.

Fun, study, curiosity, culture, and carefree days of celebration.  All this awaits you in Valencia during the next weeks and beyond. Do not miss this amazing opportunity, what are you waiting for? 🙂

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