Learn Spanish on the beaches of Valencia

Since Valencia has an average annual temperature above 15 degrees and during June until October daily, it´s above 20/25 degrees, is there any better place then to learn Spanish on the beaches of  Valencia?? Valencia offers the possibility to enjoy in the city and in the province of libraries, near the Mediterranean Sea. Only in Valencia … Read more

My experience in Valencia and at AIP

I began my experience in Valencia and at AIP Language School with a strong intent to improve my personal and professional background, and I can tell that I succeeded, thanks to this beautiful city and AIP. Valencia is an explosion of beauty and freshness, every corner has its own history and features; a spring-like climate … Read more

Valencia, the perfect destination to learn Spanish in Valencia

Often considered the best place to learn Spanish in Spain, Valencia is a modern and exciting city which nevertheless keeps its historical touch. Situated in the center of the Spanish east coast, it is a welcoming cosmopolitan city, which historically has been a place where different civilizations have converged. With a population of about one million, Valencia is … Read more

The Latino Caribbean ambiances

We cannot deny the fact that, each of us, when we are in a foreign country, try to reassure ourselves by trying to find a point of reference close to what we are through our cultural affiliation. In order to take over the site and to enjoy. I am Sindy. I live in Paris and I … Read more


Valencia is a city at the mediterranean ocean and it is a beautiful one at the same time; Still not as big as Madrid or Barcelona, but still a big city, which is supposed to be liked by the whole family. There’s so much to see and to do there for children as well as … Read more

Hitchhiking in Spain

Yes, we can: Hitchhiking in Spain and Portugal for a month on €200 budget I bet you’re looking at the screen right now and can’t believe your eyes. How? What’s the catch? There must be a catch! The catch is: CouchSurfing and hitchhiking in Spain and Portugal. You can read about that in our previous blog … Read more

My life in Valencia

As I got on plane in Germany to fly to Valencia, I had many fears and doubts about what I would do the following weeks, would it be the right thing to do for me etc. I constantly asked myself if it wouldn’t have been better to do my work experience of six weeks in Germany. But … Read more

Practice Spanish in Spain with no money

Ok, so you’ve just finished an intensive Spanish course? And you would like to practice Spanish in Spain? And then you realise you’re broke as a joke and it ain’t funny… Well here’s how to have fun and travel on a minimum budget. Beware, it’s not for the fainthearted. Ready for an adventure? Live your adventure in Spain … Read more

How I ended up living in Valencia

This is a blog entry on how I decided to learn Spanish by living in Valencia. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to conquer the world’s most spoken languages. I’m a talkative person and I want to be able to talk to 99,99% of the world. So of course, Spanish was one of … Read more

How to survive partying in Valencia

Before coming to Spain, you should know that the Spaniards like to party until the sun comes up, and then maybe a few hours more. It’s often accompanied by drinking more than you’re used to, especially during Las Fallas y San Juan. So how to survive partying in Valencia? AIP has prepared a guide for … Read more

My internship at AIP Language School of Valencia

I have to say that my internship at AIP Language School of Valencia is the best thing that ever happened to me. I decided to join the European project Leonardo after my graduation in March, because I wanted to get involved and because, after years of study, I had a strong desire to work, to be … Read more

One more reason to study Spanish in Valencia: Las Fallas

If you are interested in learning Spanish language and culture and you also like celebrating popular festivals, do not hesitate! Come to Valencia, the city of paella by definition and of “Las Fallas“, a festival of international interest which takes its name from the artistic constructions made ​​of combustible materials, such as cardboard and wood. … Read more

A day in Bocairent, between parades and music

I’ll always remember with pleasure the day I spent in a mountain village not far from Valencia, Bocairent.  The school  AIP organizes, especially on weekends, special activities which involve many students from all over the world, including those of the school, and also those of other schools … It is the best from this point … Read more

Memory of my experience at AIP

My memory of my experience at AIP consisted of a beautiful trip throught all Valencia, seeing all major cultural places of the city and having a lot of fun. Before arriving in Valencia, I had some doubts about the goals I had set for myself, that was to spend a one-month study trip, useful and … Read more

Nature and fun at the Bioparc in Valencia

Do you love nature? And animals? Fun? Then, you cannot miss the Bioparc in Valencia.  Among the activities organized by the AIP Institute of languages in Valencia, you can’t miss the visit to Bioparc. Don’t think it is just a simple zoo, because, indeed, it derives from a completely different and innovative philosophy. Opened in 2008, … Read more

Where can you learn Spanish?

It is difficult to choose a school where to study Spanish in Spain, yes, very difficult. Not only that are a lot of cities, which all seem interesting and attractive, but also in each city there are many schools that offer the same thing. Are all of them excellent ? Am I going to learn Spanish … Read more

My experience at AIP, by Marine Cloarec

My Experience at AIP When I arrived in Valencia I didn’t know the city and I didn’t have friends. That was why I was a little worried about that new experience. But, since the first day I realized that there was a good harmony, the teachers at AIP language school were very available and nice. … Read more


For those who love discovering old fascinating theatres and can’t help seeing the last movie at the cinema, there is our invitation: LET’S GO TO THE THEATRE AND CINEMA in Valencia without abandoning our cultural habits, also if we’re on holiday. Good piece of advise, isnt’ it?:) Do you like amateur Theatre?   Then visit!! Did … Read more

My experience at AIP, by Chiara Tramontani

With the enthusiasm and the curiosity of a 23 year old girl, who’s passing 3 weeks in a foreign country, knowing new persons from all over the world and bettering her Spanish level, here I am telling you my experience at AIP. Everything seemed a big question and I didn’t know what to expect, but … Read more


DO YOU LIKE THE HISTORY? If you visit the Museum of History of Valencia you won’t regret it. Perhaps the first thing that catches your attention is the location of this museum, it is quite far from the center or other tourist areas of Valencia. But the effort is certainly worth it … The Museum … Read more