10 websites & postcasts to learn Spanish from behind your screen

Learn Spanish from behind your screen

Nowadays, foreign languages play a major role in our personal and professional lives. In addition to taking classes in a school, which remains the most common way to learn in order to get the basics, it is now possible to learn Spanish from behind a screen. This is what we call e-learning 2.0. We have platforms to watch series or films in their original language or with subtitles (we have 2 articles on this subject on the blog, if you are interested), but also websites and postcasts that allow you to learn Spanish from behind your screen.

We’ve put together a small list (not exhaustive, of course) so that you can have some examples and make up your own mind. Maybe this will make you want to learn Spanish in a 2.0 way. We will start by listing the websites and postcasts that we found interesting and useful for learning Spanish from behind your screen.


5 websites to learn Spanish from behind your screen


1. Español con Juan

What can I say about Juan! First of all, Juan is a former professor of Spanish at the University College of London. He has created a website called 1001 Reasons To Learn Spanish. This website contains games, videos, postcasts to learn Spanish in a fun way. What could be better than learning while having a good time? Having watched his videos on his youtube channel (yes, in addition to running a website, he also has a youtube channel), I can guarantee that you will not be bored.

His videos and postcasts (which in addition to being visible on his website, you can find them on platforms such as Spotify and iTunes) are done in a dynamic and organised way. It covers different topics in terms of grammar while combining vocabulary and cultural learning. In order for everyone to learn according to their knowledge, everything is classified by language level (A1-C2).

Through the videos, which last between 20-30 minutes, you will learn or improve your Spanish level in no time and in an intuitive and fun way. What’s nice is that he sometimes makes his videos when he’s travelling, so you can discover new holiday spots and learn Spanish from behind your screen. By engaging with Juan, you can be sure that you will develop your Spanish language skills.


2. Spanish with Vicente

Vicente is a Spanish teacher and director of the Academia de Español Online. He has created a website and a YouTube channel. These videos deal with different themes such as grammar, vocabulary… He provides books, pdf in order to study according to each video, each theme. He uses simple language, easy to understand and also does role plays. This makes his videos very dynamic, which allows you to learn Spanish from behind your screen while having a good time. However, sometimes it lacks simplicity, making him more of a youtuber than a teacher. Of course, this does not prevent you from learning Spanish from behind your screen.


3. Butterfly Spanish

Behind Butterfly Spanish is Ana, a Mexican young teacher. At first glance, it may seem very academic with the whiteboard. But that’s what makes her videos so original and that way, as a viewer, it’s easier to follow the lesson, to find your way around. Most of the time, her Spanish lessons are in English, but she can sometimes repeat herself in the language of Cervantes. She covers many topics so that everyone can find what they need.

For this reason, on her YouTube channel, Ana has listed the topics by categories so it is easier for everyone to find the topic they want according to their skills and level. Her videos are dynamic, intuitive and Ana always is always cheerful, which is a pleasure to listen to. The videos are more or less short, between 20-30 minutes (but this can vary). She also has a website where she highlights the latest videos posted with the possibility of subscribing either to her courses or simply to the newsletter which will allow you to learn more about the Spanish culture, history and language.


4. Spanish from Spain

This YouTube channel was created by Reyes, a Spanish teacher. He has been making videos for several years and you can see that he enjoys making them. His videos are dynamic and full of humour, which allows you to learn Spanish from behind your screen while having fun. Moreover, each video has its own theme (grammar, vocabulary…) and are short, which allows you to learn quickly.

Everyone can learn at their own pace, according to their skills, level and especially the time they can devote to it. One thing is for sure, you won’t be bored when you watch these videos. You won’t even realise that you are improving your language skills, all from behind your screen.


5. Why not Spanish?

This YouTube channel is hosted by Maria and Cody, mostly in Spanish (sometimes there will be parts in English). It is interesting to watch this channel because you can put yourself in the shoes of Cody, whose mother tongue is English and who is also learning Spanish from Maria, a Spanish teacher. This allows you to de-stress a little and realise that everyone can make mistakes.  The topics are very varied so everyone can find the subject they want to learn or improve.

The videos are very well produced, dynamic and full of humour. It allows you to learn Spanish from behind your screen while having fun and you will lose track of time because it’s really an exchange between the two protagonists or simply between you and Maria. They even make vlogs, which allows us to see another way of learning Spanish from behind the screen.


learn Spanish from behind a screen


5 postcasts to learn Spanish from behind your screen


1. Profe de Ele

Profedeele is a platform where you can find all sorts of activities to learn and improve your Spanish: songs, grammar, culture… What interests us here is that there is a section for listening to postcasts. The courses are varied and dynamic, which is important because when we listen to postcasts, we only have our ears to retain because our eyes cannot rest on a video or other support.

It is therefore another way of learning Spanish from behind the screen. In addition, grammar and vocabulary are combined with exercises to apply what you have just learned. You will have the opportunity to hear different accents to get your ears used to the different types of Spanish that exist.


2. Unlimited Spanish

On this website you will meet Oscar who will help you to improve your Spanish. He provides postcasts, both on his website and on his YouTube channel. He puts forward the 5 pillars method, i.e. how to learn vocabulary, how to learn grammar, how to stay motivated… He has also used this method to learn English. These postcasts all deal with a particular topic, such as the use of connectors or the translation of movies titles into Spanish.

Each postcast lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. Also, what is interesting is that in addition to listening to Oscar, we have access to the transcript of his speech so that it is a little easier to follow, especially at the beginning for beginners. We can even download it to our computer, tablet… so we can access it whenever we want. He speaks quite slowly so that everyone can understand, in a reassuring voice but which can sometimes seem monotonous and therefore demotivate us.


3. Españolistos 

Espanolistos is a website where you can find postcasts created by a couple from two cultures. Nate from the USA and Andrea from Colombia. To learn Spanish, Nate turned to postcasts. He realised that there were a lot of them, especially for those who wanted to start learning Spanish, but very few for those who were already at an intermediate or advanced level. This gave them the idea of creating this type of postcast for levels B1 to C2. In general, they last 30 minutes.

In addition, it is an exchange between the two protagonists, so it helps to stimulate listening and concentration. They deal with various themes such as politics, poetry, tourism… which allows you to learn grammar and vocabulary without really realising it. What’s interesting is that you can download the postcast to listen to it offline and share it afterwards. This is another platform to learn Spanish from behind your screen.


4. Lengalia

Lengalia is a website and a platform of postcasts where you can learn Spanish from behind your screen at your own pace. Everything is listed by skill level, vocabulary level… You will find written lessons and exercises as well as oral lessons in the form of postcasts. In general, depending on the level, they contain 15 lessons and last 12 minutes.

To find out what your level is, you have to register and take a placement test so that you can be assigned the right level. They also offer 7 days of learning without obligation at the end. This is a good idea because it can give you an idea of how to learn Spanish through this platform and in general, how to learn Spanish from behind the screen.


5. Accelerated Spanish

This platform allows you to learn Spanish or simply improve your Spanish as it offers almost all levels, from A1 to B2. Each postcast deals with a particular grammatical theme, so you can choose which lesson you want to learn on which day. The host speaks both in English and Spanish, so you can have a reference if you don’t understand everything in Spanish, especially at the first level. The postcasts last between 20 and 45 minutes, which can sometimes seem long because the host’s voice is somewhat monotonous.


To conclude, in this article we have made a list of 10 websites and platforms for listening to postcasts in order to learn Spanish from behind your screen. These accompany us wherever we go. So it would make sense to use them to learn or improve a foreign language, wouldn’t it? Here we have focused on the language of Cervantes but, of course, there are some for other languages too. Moreover, this e-learning 2.0. can be a complement to your classroom lessons. You can never have enough support for learning a foreign language. We hope that this reading has been beneficial and has made you want to learn Spanish from behind your screen.

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